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Grant Cardone, NY Times bestselling author, self made multimillionaire entrepreneur, international sales master and motivator in business and life offers insights and advice each week on the Cardone Zone, a show that helps people better their careers, businesses and finances so they can create true freedom in their lives.

In this episode, Grant Cardone talks about social media and urges every business to establish a smart, powerful presence on as many social media platforms as possible. According to Grant Cardone, social media has been a great gift for his business. Businesses are too caught up in ROI because they don't fully understand the functions of social media. Cardone actually posts on his platforms himself and advises businesses that they should 'attack the marketplace' and make yourself, your business and services known to the masses. Social media is a great tool to accomplish this purpose. Grant offers tips and makes it clear the purpose of social media is to make money and gaining attention and keeping it is the key. Cardone gets most of his business via YouTube and his activity on Twitter and Facebook. Each platform requires a different method and businesses MUST understand and use them all. Grant also takes viewer calls which in this episode makes for very interesting interactions that are spontaneous and irreverent.

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There are an estimated 1.7 billion social media users worldwide. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have bought into it and you should too. Your business and revenue depends on your ability to reach as many people as possible. Social media has helped me expand my business but it takes effort. Most people wonder how best to use it to gain "followers," "subscribers" and "likes." Well, like anything else, you have to apply The 10X Rule to social media to get attention for your product and service. Here's how.
First let's get clear on the purpose of social media.
When used consistently and frequently, it helps you become top-of-mind with customers.
It can drive people to your website and offer a call to action.
Many companies get caught up in measurement and analysis of the return on investment in social media. The fact is that social media does not generally function as an engine for direct sales. Abandon this idea of ROI and just use social media as a way to build strong brand awareness.
The average American spends 7.6 hours per month on social media.
YouTube, while not considered a social media platform, has 490 million unique visits per month with 2.9 billion hours viewed. That is a LOT of eyes.
YouTube has proven to be a powerful tool for my business. Every business should be posting videos of their products and services and positioning themselves as experts in their chosen professions. It gets you, your brand and services attention on a bigger level. My office is contacted for products and services from people around the world. When asked how they found me, "YouTube" is the most common response.
Social media is NOT a waste of time. I once thought this, but quickly saw the potential and power it had. The only businesses having problems or not gaining enough from social media are the ones:
Not using it
Not using it correctly
Not using it enough
Not using all of the platforms
A lot of people are concerned about what they should post. They often get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. Or they give up before understanding what kind of posts work. When posting to social media apply the rule of "AGES."
Awareness (Generate it.)
Give (Share content that offers value.)
Shares (Post information that you think others will share.)
Create a "like" page for your business.
Add images and create a look and feel for your page.
Be clear on the page's purpose and what the viewer will expect to get when they visit the page.
Commit to posting throughout the day.
Create your page.
Write a clear description and include your email or website.
Have a distinct voice and purpose.



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5 ways to get more followers for your art on social media – w/ Lachri

Looking to grow your social media following on your art posts? I'm sharing the 5 things that made the biggest difference for me on Facebook and Twitter.


New painting videos Wednesdays at 3pm CST
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Time lapse and speed painting tutorials and demonstrations by award winning artist Lachri. Learn how to paint portraits, surreal landscapes, pets, lions, tigers, and birds…pretty sure a Wizard of OZ reference should be made right about now. Get tips and watch techniques for working in acrylic and oil paint, carbon pencil, graphite and colored pencil.

This video was shot using the Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD camcorder.

5 Top Advantages Of Web Marketing


Internet Marketing is a company’s biggest tool for increasing sales inside digital age that people live in. Nearly every part of an individual’s life reaches some point connected to the online. It is really evident into the amount of social media marketing relationship that’s performed daily.

More and more people are investing their life online. That is currently a given reality. For that reason, it might be more sensible if organizations had been to focus their advertising and marketing initiatives online too, since more and more of their clients are available truth be told there. However, you can still find skeptics whom insists that standard advertising models will always be the very best.

Though this may be real. One cannot deny the more advantages that website marketing offers to businesses once we usher-in this digital age. Below are 5 great benefits of website marketing:

5 Top Advantages Of Website Marketing

Transcend barriers – This this one of the most extremely obvious benefits website marketing offers across custom technique. With website marketing, your business can attain markets you are incapable of attain prior to. The same as how youare able to speak with you surviving in Russia with only a click of a button, a similar thing relates to marketing and advertising your business. Internet Marketing just isn’t bound by geographic restrictions since everything is done online. You’ll be able to display your products or services to clients numerous of kilometers away with website marketing. If you need your business to cultivate, marketing and advertising it on the internet is the very best decision you’ll ever make.

Cheaper prices – the fee for marketing and advertising your business on the internet is somewhat cheaper in comparison to standard means. Since everything is digital, starting an advertising promotion, creating something pamphlets, disseminating it through numerous social media marketing platforms is simply a matter of pointing and pressing. In addition to that, the manpower needed therefore the price involved to maintain that manpower is somewhat reduced. Through website marketing, organizations can offer their products directly to their clients. This gets rid of the necessity for retail outlets to pay retail prices just to display and offer their product.

Easy data-gathering – to effortlessly promote your products or services to men and women, you must very first determine which niche your business serves. You must determine the kind of clients which has had an increased interest in your product. To achieve that, you must gather relevant consumer information and what better spot to do that than the online. Online data-gathering hasn’t been easy. Utilizing the arrival of web information forms, data-gathering not merely takes a shorter length of time, but additionally makes it easier discover those who are willing to answer your data-gathering surveys.

a customized sales experience – we have all been clients prior to. As clients we constantly would you like to think we’re the sole focus of company once we change to making that purchasing decision. We want them to take care of us like we’re the most important consumer in the world. Within the real globe, we are able to most likely address 2-3 clients at any given time; not enough to produce a significant effect into the total sales experience of the consumer. With website marketing, however, we are able to personalize an individual’s sales experience easily. Since every exchange is done through an internet internet browser, we’re in a position to produce certain programs or plug-ins that could recommend the very best items towards clients. In addition to that, we are able to in addition show our clients comparable items that might be interesting for them. In general, this produces a sense of importance into the consumer; that company went of their option to provide them with an incredible sales experience.

Better consumer relationship – Marketing your products or services and getting together with your entire clients hasn’t been this effortless with website marketing. As youare able to achieve your prospects everywhere, you can connect to them even after the sales procedure stops. The good thing about this entire thing is that you don’t have to leave the coziness of your home or company. You’ll achieve your clients 24/7. You’ll question them how they’re enjoying their product, the other possible items they could require or even offer them many after sales help if their encountering any dilemmas in using your product. All of this comes down to making your prospects think they have dealt with a genuine human being rather than some huge business device that is just thinking about their money.

So there you’ve got it. These are the 5 Top great things about website marketing. Hopefully that people’ve persuaded you in taking the website marketing path to grow and expand your business.


Origin by Loki Ong

Digital Media Vs Traditional Media – A Comparative Analysis


Its certainly that personal and digital media are substantially impacting customer behavior. With the development of the world wide web, companies have actually recognized the requirement to enhance their online existence and, therefore, are investing ample amount of resources in digital advertising.

While earlier, marketing ended up being mainly restricted to magazines, radio and television, these days it offers gone beyond all of them. Both the standard and digital media have actually their own unique aspects. This article will offer a comparative evaluation of both these media.


Without doubt, promotional initiatives through standard media reach a large chunk regarding the populace. However, the message hits an even bigger amount of people through online media. The Internet really helps to attain a variety of individuals within a short span of time. While standard advertising is limited simply to a particular geography, online media understands no barrier.


Digital media slices expenses substantially. Tv, radio and paper advertisements are costly. The cost depends on the slot and area plumped for. Using the digital system is effective for little companies who are tight on budget.

Media tracking

Media tracking now is easier in online media than standard media. Businesses can easily see and determine in real time the potency of their promotion and program additional tasks. However, in case of standard media real time media tracking is a challenging task.

Dialogues and Monologues

Advertising and marketing through digital media allow dialogues between companies and consumers. Through social media marketing, consumers can discuss their products and services online in real time. Communication moves only one way in standard media which can lead to confusions and problems. However, in digital media communication moves both ways.


Engagement is much higher in the digital platform.Through digital advertising, companies can motivate customers to check out their web pages and test their products and services. Clients may also connect to organization associates and learn more in regards to the product. Proactive approach is easier through digital media as compared to standard media.

However, it are going to be wrong to say that standard advertising is dead. There are still numerous parts of the world, where in fact the online is yet to attain and folks are yet to be computer-friendly. In such instances, standard media perform a very important part in conveying the message.

Nonetheless, with time digital advertising is providing a stiff competition to standard advertising. Digital advertising trends have actually altered the rules regarding the game and much more and much more companies are consolidating their online existence to keep competitive on the market.


Supply by Sayed Nasir

Pokemon Go


Pokemon Go isn’t fresh development. This has become one of the top rated & most popular games world-wide. What really is this craze and crave for Pokémon Go?

The favorite Nintendo-built Pokémon which exploded in popularity round the late 90s, has actually revived the video game globe having its most recent GO variation, and it is using the globe by violent storm.

The Pokémon Go is obviously one of the show biggest admittance into the cellular gaming. Its available for a free of charge grab on Android and iOS. The video game’s popularity at present resembles that of Twitter’s day-to-day active people on Android.

Pokémon Go is a casino game which makes use of someone’s phone’s GPS and clock to feel where gamer is the video game, after which conjures a Pokémon to “appear” around you inside your phone screen. Its your mission to proceed in getting all of them. The Pokémon series and games occurs in a global inhabited by strikingly effective beasts. These online game beasts can appear as rats, dragons, snakes, birds, eggs, trees, dinosaurs and also swords.

While you move within the online game, a few types and amounts of Pokémon’s will appear randomly near your local area as well as your phone’s time tracking. The main goal of the video game should motivate you to trip round the real world to capture a Pokémon while within the online game scene. By utilizing your phone’s ability to track some time your local area, Pokemon Go mirrors just what it could be like if the beasts really had been wandering around. The beasts needs to be caught and gathered.

The principal entry of Pokémon games started with 151 animals. Nevertheless the catalog has actually since developed to significantly more than 720. Utilizing the Pokémon Go, just the initial 151 animals tend to be available.

Pokémon Go is now fulfilling the fantasies that Pokémon fans world-wide have experienced because the online game’s very first launch. Its a hot online game for adventurous online game people, and it is one of the no-cost trending games currently available. Followers should play now whether they haven’t however.

Further than attaining youth desires, Pokémon Go is everyone’s intro into a brand new types of online game that connects actuality with a virtual one that can also be known as enhanced Reality.

The reason why play this game? Since every day activities can get humdrum, it may get better by spicing it up using new craze, Pokemon Go!


Supply by Jessie Wright

Disappear Completely And Make Your Ex Miss You Like Crazy!


You are clearly devastated after the separation and want nothing but for your ex lover into your daily life once more. To be honest though your ex lover is refusing to speak with you – completely. You’ve got known as, delivered e-mails and texting, all to no avail. Exactly what do you do for your ex lover straight back? Are you able to create your ex miss you want crazy?

Obviously you can create your ex neglect you want crazy – you merely need certainly to go about it the right way – that is all. Attempting to make connection with your ex lover may be the wrong thing to do right now, so stop doing it – it’ll allow you to get no place anyway. Keep your ex lover alone so long as possible, and you may create your ex miss you want crazy.

You may already know, you simply can’t miss anybody if you should be witnessing them all the full time. It’s the same within scenario. If you see your ex lover all the time, it is impossible that you’ll create your ex miss you want crazy. Therefore, for for this, you need to keep away from your ex lover – entirely. No calls, texting, e-mails, – absolutely nothing.

In the beginning this will not bother your ex lover anyway, because he or she remains harmed and very annoyed with you. But as time goes by, plus it all of a sudden hits your ex lover that he or she remains quite definitely in deep love with you, things will change significantly. Your ex partner will begin thinking about you, a lot more absolutely than prior to.

This will keep on so long as your ex lover does not have any connection with you. This feeling will grow more powerful and more powerful as time goes by. Eventually your ex lover will recognize that he or she is lacking you. Again, this feeling should be delicate initially, growing more powerful daily. What you are doing is actually planning to ultimately create your ex miss you want crazy.

Your ex partner might even give you a message or two – ignore them in the beginning. You want to make sure that, whenever you do make an effort to get the ex straight back, that you will be effective. The longer you keep your ex lover waiting on hold, the greater.

Today your ex lover will quickly get desperate and start giving communications that are going to let you know that he or she really wants to see you once more. By simply perhaps not providing your ex lover the chance to see you, you will definitely become successful – you will definitely create your ex miss you want crazy.


Resource by Ilona Benes

How to Create Winning Press Releases: Five Key Tips Revealed


Providing press releases is a tremendously various way of marketing that may be a strong means by which you will get your company listed in major development feeds, blog sites, community forums, social media marketing feeds along with other internet based outlets, and all sorts of by placing a well-written launch online utilising the appropriate circulation service. This will be, needless to say, far easier said than done. Pr announcements tend to be powerful types of informational conveyance, but have to be approached expeditiously in the event that you actually plan to understand desired outcomes. Good very first tip on composing all of them effectively is that you should comprehend your composing capability. Should you not deem your self as a reliable writer, it is usually better to contract an expert writer to write one on your behalf. If you should be, however, a skilled writer and are also acquainted with the process that’s tangled up in getting news release approval, circulation and syndication, listed here five quintessential recommendations makes it possible to garner much more clout, grip and saturation for the attempts.

One: Announcements & Newsworthiness
One associated with the major grounds for rejection, or bad saturation following circulation, is because of one thing: they certainly were perhaps not newsworthy adequate. Whether or not your launch is obtained by the circulation service, that doesn’t guarantee it placement in major development feeds. News feeds crave one thing: the news. Ensure that your news release tends to make an announcement that’s newsworthy and highly relevant to ensure optimum visibility later on.

Two: Factual Enhancements
Always try to consist of at least one or even more key linked details. For example, if you’re issuing a press release with regards to a car security device for smartphones that prevents texting while driving using a voice-to-text protocol, be sure that you cull details with regards to texting and driving from an expert supply like the U.S. division of Transportation to incorporate some beef and potatoes toward content. Consist of as much pertinent and associated details as you possibly can, but make sure to stay away from sounding drab or humdrum along the way.

Three: Direct Quotes
You would want to consist of at least one direct quote from a company spokesperson. Sure, you don’t necessarily have to consist of these, nonetheless they sure then add level. Drum up a related, citable quote from a primary supply (which could be you, in the event that you possess the company) and include it when you look at the news release to advance thicken its sauciness and include candor.

Four: Proper Formatting
Press releases are required to be formatted in a particular manner or they won’t be syndicated. Basically: if you’re unfamiliar with exactly how this method works, you should think about hiring an expert that is. Make sure that the backup is correctly formatted for circulation, is grammatically correct and is free of typos or mistakes. Additionally, make sure any included fact is authoritative and verified.

Five: Engaging & Entertaining
In light of all of those aforementioned specifications, you want to make certain that your writing is engaging and entertaining, too. This can be challenging dependant on the type and continence of your subject or topic. Be inventive and original inside undertaking, and maybe glean some ideas off other press releases you’ve read that interested you to then add appeal and level to yours.


Origin by Troy Michael Bohlke

How to Stop Being Shy and Live the Life You Deserve – Free Yourself and Stop Being Shy


You can now finally find out how to stop being timid and then enjoy the life that you deserve! It is very daunting to-be a shy person and it’s also very hard to stop being timid. I understand this from personal knowledge, I became a very timid person right up until this past year and it ended up being gradually trowing my personal life and my job down the toilet, We knew it but i simply cannot stop being timid. All my friends familiar with venture out to events but fun, venture out to personal events along with other functions while i simply stayed house to get quite down on myself because being timid ended up being holding me straight back from residing my life. I became also too timid to have any type of contact with feminine types, i simply discovered it very hard to communicate because We held experiencing anxiety and uncomfortable emotions that shyness ended up being causing us to feel, always experiencing like i might say something stupid and humiliate myself or simply just didn’t know very well what to say, i simply cannot stop being timid!

Shyness Is an actual problem and it’s also actually not a straightforward problem to overcome, it’s very emotionally fuelled feeling that seems extremely hard to fight and there are methods you are able to stop being so timid but you have to be prepared earn some energy and face the anxiety which can seem somewhat ahead but that is precisely what you have to do to stop being timid and free yourself up from the uncomfortable emotions. These pointers directly aided me conquer a big part of my shyness and aided me socialise with my friends while making conversations with strangers. Should you want to learn to make conversations with strangers after that before you go out you need to think of some conversation subjects beforehand and exercise them before you go away, it could seem silly to you personally however you will be surprised exactly how easier this will make socialising with strangers and suitable into the crowd!

Make an effort to make it much easier for everybody else and let your conservationists understand that you might be timid and it surely will make it much simpler for you therefore the people that you will end up talking with, it will probably relax both you and make it much better to stop being timid. Additionally unless you mind alcohol consumption after that get one or two drinks and therefore also does wonders and loosens your tongue and provides you more self-confidence, it is a fact and it always worked for me, Im actually a lot more of an enjoyable person and easier to begin basically had some drinks, it takes away the buildings. Every one of these ideas tend to be very first stepping stones to assist you stop being timid, the shyness treatment report normally important and will assist you to conquer any dilemmas you might be experiencing as a shy person which help you break out of shell and start to become yourself!


Supply by Valera Tkatchenko

Conflict Between Parents on Teen Belly Piercing


As just one mother I often miss the stern voice of a daddy in times during the parenting struggles. However, I made a startling observation in a recent Twitter poll. The poll ended up being directed at Fathers of teenager women and posed the question, ‘Should a teen girl be allowed a belly piercing?’ The outcome revealed a conflict between women and men. Dads of teenager women had been adamantly opposed while moms of teens took a far more informal approach.

The debate began whenever my relatively well-adjusted teenage girl asked to possess her stomach button pierced. I became adamantly opposed and failed to understand why she desired to repeat this. We assumed that it is some kind of rebellion specially as she’s today this product of a divorced household. We shut the question and hoped it could perhaps not resurface. An attractive bright day by the pool with good friends and their teenager daughters stifled my hope. Because the cover-ups emerged down, the stomach rings glistened inside sunlight. I became rapidly turned into a seriously ‘old fashioned mother’. Nevertheless, I became perhaps not convinced. We looked to Twitter. My girl and I also agreed to poll my Twitter pals. She thought she’d show a belly piercing is certainly not a sign of rebellion and just an accessory.

While 70percent of my Twitter pals had been against a 16 year-old child girl receiving a stomach piercing, the general outcomes had been a bit eye-opening both for of us and revealed a potential dispute between Mother and Father in the home. 90percent of most males polled and 97percent of men over 40 said, ‘No!’ and males had been really singing with opinions particularly ‘it’s trashy’, ‘not under my roof’ and ‘I would snatch it out’

In comparison, ladies over 40 with teenage daughters had been the main contributor towards Yes vote (85percent of these whom voted yes has or perhaps is at this time increasing a teen girl). Not to be misleading as in the end 60percent of most females voting had been opposed, but Moms of teenager women had been plainly split regarding the issue.

There are lots of methods to classify the votes. However my observation is with 97percent of men over 40 booming loudly their resistance to a 16 year-old adorning her stomach with jewels and ladies over 40 constructed 85percent of this yes’s with informal opinions particularly “itis just a darn stomach ring”, “it’s perhaps not permanent and certainly will grow back”… undoubtedly feels like a conflict to me.

My objective ended up being accomplished. We learned from teenagers. Really effective young ladies whom did in fact have actually a stomach piercing as a teen reported ‘It is merely a fashion thing, an accessory, a way to feel more girly. It is NOT indicative of rebellion, promiscuity or a way to flaunt in addition they never ever believed loose or trashy.’

My girl learned that when I state it really is a more impressive issue to pay attention as I that are right. She ended up being shocked by the opinions from Fathers. As her mother I still have authority in order to make choices best for her, nonetheless Needs her to feel Im listening to her. A lot of my Twitter pals complimented my approach of available discussion as opposed to dictating an adamant resistance to my girl. My friends had been equally impressed along with her respect in asking my authorization and being available to pay attention, talk about and discover.

Needless to say nearly all my Twitter pals are over 40 as well as the teenager vote was not counted as they are perhaps not grownups. However, 100percent of teenager women said yes… needless to say!


Resource by Kimberly M Camp

The Best Tips to Enjoy Your Travel


Having a while to unwind is an excellent thing. You may travel to anywhere you desire to be, making it possible to get a hold of comfort and serenity, along with having some lighter moments and adventure. You will find various guidelines you may possibly give consideration to to be able to have a fantastic week-end vacation and leisure.

Understand initially where you wish to travel. Find the best spot in which any personal requirements is accommodated. Should you want to involve some relaxation, you can try staying in a hotel if not have a spa or a body therapeutic massage.

If you are shopping for a great and severe activities, you may possibly go to enjoyment areas like carnivals, have actually bungee-jumping if not attempt zip liner. If you are a nature lover, you may possibly make an effort to go to a spot in which you will find waterfalls, beaches, underground caverns, and streams.

Another tip in purchase to have a pleasurable vacation would be to plan and prepare things you’ll want to bring. You are able to a list of things to create, and that means you will not be able to forget any such thing. Bring toiletries, additional garments, your own personal gadgets like smart phones and digital camera models, while the important can be your money.

You really need to free some funds for the vacation. Be sure that you provides extra money, and that means you won’t become without an individual costs or coin inside pocket. If you will travel to another country, you will definitely actually need a big plan for that.

Never forget to create a map on your vacation and leisure. If you don’t have a map, you can make use of your smartphone to discover the actual area on where you goes and on how to go to that one location. For instance, if you may be going on mountain climbing, you have to make use of your map understand the tracks you shall decide to try be able to get indeed there.

You shall learn your transportation options to achieve your location. Will you be needing to ride a taxi, train, or bus? Consider the method of transportation you shall make use of, and on simply how much time it’s possible to take to achieve the place.

Never forget to just take images and video clips while going. Bring digital camera models which have high pixels and resolutions. You may make use of your smartphone in the case if you do not have a camera. After your vacation, you can share all of them on your social media accounts.

Instagram is among the most readily useful applications you can make use of. Your friends and family will be really thrilled to understand places where you have gone to simply because they have not however gone to these places. Make sure that your storage space features free rooms to just take as numerous pictures and video clips as you wish.

Vacation and leisure can give you time for you relax, unwind making your thoughts and nature be peaceful. You shall invest some time for yourself. Evaluate these various things when planning your vacation. Capture the best moments and that means you need a remembrance of activities.


Source by Terence Zweni

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