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Grant Cardone, NY Times bestselling author, self made multimillionaire entrepreneur, international sales master and motivator in business and life offers insights and advice each week on the Cardone Zone, a show that helps people better their careers, businesses and finances so they can create true freedom in their lives.

In this episode, Grant Cardone talks about social media and urges every business to establish a smart, powerful presence on as many social media platforms as possible. According to Grant Cardone, social media has been a great gift for his business. Businesses are too caught up in ROI because they don't fully understand the functions of social media. Cardone actually posts on his platforms himself and advises businesses that they should 'attack the marketplace' and make yourself, your business and services known to the masses. Social media is a great tool to accomplish this purpose. Grant offers tips and makes it clear the purpose of social media is to make money and gaining attention and keeping it is the key. Cardone gets most of his business via YouTube and his activity on Twitter and Facebook. Each platform requires a different method and businesses MUST understand and use them all. Grant also takes viewer calls which in this episode makes for very interesting interactions that are spontaneous and irreverent.

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There are an estimated 1.7 billion social media users worldwide. Businesses of all shapes and sizes have bought into it and you should too. Your business and revenue depends on your ability to reach as many people as possible. Social media has helped me expand my business but it takes effort. Most people wonder how best to use it to gain "followers," "subscribers" and "likes." Well, like anything else, you have to apply The 10X Rule to social media to get attention for your product and service. Here's how.
First let's get clear on the purpose of social media.
When used consistently and frequently, it helps you become top-of-mind with customers.
It can drive people to your website and offer a call to action.
Many companies get caught up in measurement and analysis of the return on investment in social media. The fact is that social media does not generally function as an engine for direct sales. Abandon this idea of ROI and just use social media as a way to build strong brand awareness.
The average American spends 7.6 hours per month on social media.
YouTube, while not considered a social media platform, has 490 million unique visits per month with 2.9 billion hours viewed. That is a LOT of eyes.
YouTube has proven to be a powerful tool for my business. Every business should be posting videos of their products and services and positioning themselves as experts in their chosen professions. It gets you, your brand and services attention on a bigger level. My office is contacted for products and services from people around the world. When asked how they found me, "YouTube" is the most common response.
Social media is NOT a waste of time. I once thought this, but quickly saw the potential and power it had. The only businesses having problems or not gaining enough from social media are the ones:
Not using it
Not using it correctly
Not using it enough
Not using all of the platforms
A lot of people are concerned about what they should post. They often get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing. Or they give up before understanding what kind of posts work. When posting to social media apply the rule of "AGES."
Awareness (Generate it.)
Give (Share content that offers value.)
Shares (Post information that you think others will share.)
Create a "like" page for your business.
Add images and create a look and feel for your page.
Be clear on the page's purpose and what the viewer will expect to get when they visit the page.
Commit to posting throughout the day.
Create your page.
Write a clear description and include your email or website.
Have a distinct voice and purpose.



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How to Master Social Media Marketing with Gary Vaynerchuk | #TomFerryShow Episode 3

"Plan for tomorrow – the time you allocate today to digital media, you'll see profits in 2017" tweet it out:

While backstage at our private coaching client event in Palm Springs, we caught up with Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary is a social media expert, getting his start at his dad's liquor store and made it to one of the first e-commerce wine businesses by utilizing digital media. He then started his own digital social agency growing it from 30 to 500 people in just 3 years. In this episode, Tom interviews Gary to find out what his take is on the future of digital media for real estate marketing.

Tom Ferry: Gary when you were on stage, the dominate topic was about team development and behavior today versus behavior later.

Gary Vaynerchuk: You know, it's great to sell as many homes as you can this year, but for the team helping support you, is your behavior matched to being successful in 2015 and beyond? Are you going to invest time into your employees and really get to know their goals so they can support you in yours? We are seeing a lot of planning now for future gains. The same can be said about social. Whether you're doing Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, direct mail, radio, etc these are the new ways to communicate. More and more of the eyes are shifting and you need to adjust to stay relevant.

TF: What has you captivated right now?

GV: Podcast. With technology, smart cars, and bluetooth on their phones, people are listening to podcasts anywhere they want. I just did a radio ad campaign in December and it tanked. And I was okay with that because it now allows me to say compared to four years ago, these ads didn't even come remotely close. The eyes and ears have shifted from radio to Spotify and iTunes. So, will you be hedging for the eyes and the ears of 2016 and 2017, or are you just pumped that your back-end telemarketing or landing pages is doing enough for you? It's really what I said on stage, are you willing to be the person who puts yourself out of business?

TF: Bingo. I want to go back to being focused on today's behaviors or future behaviors. A lot of people are asking me "what CRM should I use?" and my response is "who cares what CRM you're using. Call your people, have a conversation, build a great relationship with them.

GV: Exactly. Excel and Google Docs is plenty good for 97% of you. People want to spend money on tools to justify that they're actually doing the thing. I don't care about the tool. You've got a screwdriver. Cool. Now what? What are you going to do with it?

TF: Where would you hedge right now, if you're in the real estate business for buyers and sellers today and the future?

GV: I think short-form video. There's more distribution channels for it now–Instagram and Vine. I just saw the Twitter new ad product for their video and their native video product. It's going to really work. I want you to understand that whatever money or time you allocate to digital media is about you making money in 2017, not this year.

TF: Let's talk about Instagram as a tool, but it's really hot right now and not a lot of people have notice the advertising potential.

GV: Yes, Instagram is the fastest growing social network out there and it has everyone's attention. Your ROI is greater there with it's 300 million users. And if you understand what native advertising is and can innately take a picture of the sunset that your current listing has–you can really leverage this media. Advertorial 3.0, for some of the old-school peeps.

TF: Thank you Gary for being on Episode 3 of the #TomFerryShow. If you're not already watching Gary's YouTube show called #AskGaryVee, please make sure you do. Also make sure to follow me on social: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and most importantly on Instagram.
The #TomFerryShow is here to help real estate professional stay ahead of the curve–to always be innovating, changing, adjusting, staying as relevant as possible with the very best tools, the right-now strategies, and the things that are working today for rock star agents!

In episode 3, Tom interviews Gary Vaynerchuk on the future of real estate marketing when it comes to social media.
Tom Ferry is a real estate coach and trainer

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How To Be Social Media Famous

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Top 10 Best Tricks To Grow Your Social Media

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5 ways to get more followers for your art on social media – w/ Lachri

Looking to grow your social media following on your art posts? I'm sharing the 5 things that made the biggest difference for me on Facebook and Twitter.


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Time lapse and speed painting tutorials and demonstrations by award winning artist Lachri. Learn how to paint portraits, surreal landscapes, pets, lions, tigers, and birds…pretty sure a Wizard of OZ reference should be made right about now. Get tips and watch techniques for working in acrylic and oil paint, carbon pencil, graphite and colored pencil.

This video was shot using the Canon VIXIA HF G20 HD camcorder.

3 MARKER CHALLENGE + social media tips || 30 Days of Art Episode 11

Hi! Today I will be doing this 3 marker challenge illustration with brush markers and colored pencils. I'll also be sharing some quick tips about how to grow your social media (instagram, youtube, facebook, etc.)

My friend Katharine's video:

Of course, the usual disclaimer: this is based on my personal experiences, and by no means am I forcing anyone to follow my opinions or agree with me. This is just to garnish your day and peak your curiosity. 😀

I'll be releasing the real-time version of each video (1-2 hours long) on my Patreon page, along with monthly coloring challenges, tutorials, and other fun rewards:

Thanks for watching!

Materials I used in this video:
♥ Blick Studio Brush Marker: Rose Petal, Sand, Lte Cerulean Blue
♥ Uniball Signoball Gel Pen: White
♥ General's Charcoal Pencil: White
♥ Prismacolor Col-Erase Pencils: Black, Indigo Blue, Carmine Red
♥ Canson Marker Paper

A very SPECIAL thank you to my lovely patrons, without whom this video would not have been possible. ♥♥♥


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Music: "Memories" – Sappheiros (Royalty Free)
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A Day in the Life of Lucky Magazine’s Social Media Guru Virginia Nam

What's it like to tweet about fashion for a living? Meet Virginia Nam, Lucky Magazine's Social Media Director. Explore a day in her life, see how she pulls it all off, and get some tips on how to make your social media presence lucky!

Virginia Nam

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Digital Media Vs Traditional Media – A Comparative Analysis


Its certainly that personal and digital media are substantially impacting customer behavior. With the development of the world wide web, companies have actually recognized the requirement to enhance their online existence and, therefore, are investing ample amount of resources in digital advertising.

While earlier, marketing ended up being mainly restricted to magazines, radio and television, these days it offers gone beyond all of them. Both the standard and digital media have actually their own unique aspects. This article will offer a comparative evaluation of both these media.


Without doubt, promotional initiatives through standard media reach a large chunk regarding the populace. However, the message hits an even bigger amount of people through online media. The Internet really helps to attain a variety of individuals within a short span of time. While standard advertising is limited simply to a particular geography, online media understands no barrier.


Digital media slices expenses substantially. Tv, radio and paper advertisements are costly. The cost depends on the slot and area plumped for. Using the digital system is effective for little companies who are tight on budget.

Media tracking

Media tracking now is easier in online media than standard media. Businesses can easily see and determine in real time the potency of their promotion and program additional tasks. However, in case of standard media real time media tracking is a challenging task.

Dialogues and Monologues

Advertising and marketing through digital media allow dialogues between companies and consumers. Through social media marketing, consumers can discuss their products and services online in real time. Communication moves only one way in standard media which can lead to confusions and problems. However, in digital media communication moves both ways.


Engagement is much higher in the digital platform.Through digital advertising, companies can motivate customers to check out their web pages and test their products and services. Clients may also connect to organization associates and learn more in regards to the product. Proactive approach is easier through digital media as compared to standard media.

However, it are going to be wrong to say that standard advertising is dead. There are still numerous parts of the world, where in fact the online is yet to attain and folks are yet to be computer-friendly. In such instances, standard media perform a very important part in conveying the message.

Nonetheless, with time digital advertising is providing a stiff competition to standard advertising. Digital advertising trends have actually altered the rules regarding the game and much more and much more companies are consolidating their online existence to keep competitive on the market.


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