Geofeedia: Location-based Social Media Monitoring

Geofeedia is the only patented, location-based social media monitoring platform available. While many monitoring solutions take a keyword/hashtag-first approach, Geofeedia starts with location to provide organizations of all kinds with actionable social data linked to the physical locations most important to them.

Government organizations, private security groups, media companies and journalists, brand marketers and marketing agencies use Geofeedia to draw a virtual perimeter around their locations of interest and discover actionable, geo-tagged social data from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Flickr, Picasa and Viddy.

Geofeedia's patented technology is used by hundreds of organizations and thousands of users around the globe, including Microsoft, Yahoo, Square, eBay, BBC, The Associated Press and Nike.

Social Media Popup for Twitch, Hitbox, or YouTube Stream – Stream Tips #7

Set up your own social media popup for use in your stream or videos. Works with Twitch, Hitbox, and YouTubeGaming for both OBS and XSplit!

UPDATED: Please note that CodePen has changed it's layout slightly. The buttons to export/save are now located in the bottom right. Also, there was an issue with the logos not loading, that issue has been corrected.

You don't need an account to fork. Check out this image .

Also, you can always save it to your computer, and then open the index.js file (it's in the js folder) with notepad, and make your updates from there.

Link to use:

Installing CLR Browser for OBS:

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Social Media Tips from a Top 10 Beachbody Coach

Social Media can be very very scary, and it takes patience over time to get it all down. There are so many bright objects to grab at but you need to take everything one day at a time, and take everything in, in nuggets. You do not have to be an expert at it all, just an expert at a couple!

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The 11 Must-Use Social Media Strategies to Expand Your Brand

Elevate your company to new heights by going off the beaten track. Read more at:

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[How to] Moobot Twitch.Tv Setup & Social Media Tips to Grow!

How to Setup Moobot for your channel
Social Media Advice for streamers new and old to grow and get there name out there!

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Nightclub and Bar Promotions, Promoter, Marketing – Social Media Tips

Learn exactly how to generate constant traffic flow at your nightclub or bar.

My marketing is like a faucet.

When I have an event or need more traffic, I turn it on.
You can do the same thing. Nothing is stopping you.

But first you need to learn exactly how I drive customers to my events so you can do the same.

I make bar marketing really easy again. Less time with more profit = awesome.

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