Social Media Vocabulary – Language and Slang Corruption


You Shouldn’t Be Corrupted By Social Networking Slang

Something Social Networking Slang? Slang tend to be casual words and language maybe not from the standard/common language we use within culture.

Social media marketing Slang is picked up primarily from interacting in Social media marketing. When interacting within Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter, you will be usually provided a quick amount of room to relay information to convey to the other individual included.

Shortcuts, Abbreviations and L337 Speak are often concocted from the fast and brief communication avenues.

Early Social Networking Slang

Before Twitter and Facebook wall articles and standing changes there was AOL and forums with immediate messaging.

AOL is renowned for the grand daddy of Web slang creation and ended up being the start of early trendsetter of quick brief communication shortcuts. L33t Speak and Acronyms were greatly utilized back in the AOL days.

L337 Speak had AOL people composing words like:

// 0 n3 Y = Money

MiCrOsoFt = Microsoft

4 replaces A, 3 replaces E, 7 replaces T 1 replaces L, and $ replaces S, 13 replaces B basically some more examples. L337 talk continues to be popular in video gaming nevertheless.

Acronyms or the “Text Talk” is very well-known nevertheless also. Some examples tend to be below

U = You 2 = Too TTYL = keep in touch with you later LOL = Laughing out loud 4 = For R = tend to be O= OH

Corruption associated with the English Language

With forums and immediate messaging slowing dropping traffic and more and more people tend to be Texting and utilizing Social Networks today to communicate, Web Slang today has changed to Social Media Slang.

They’re English Teacher’s worst nightmares. These shortcut slang talk can corrupt your Business and Education.

Simply because its an easy task to do in order to just “slang talk” or “text talk”, try to nevertheless practice great communication rather than fall victim of Social Media Slang. You do not desire to compose a proposal for a customer which has had this under:

“Hello wut do u wish 2 do today? plz inform me, k, ttyl”

This obviously is very unprofessional and will be damaging to your etiquette. Even though this may seem like commons feel progressively experts tend to be caught with “Social Media Slang”

Just like with your personal pages, keep your online etiquette very professional besides and do not fall on corruption of shortcuts and slang.


Source by Justin Alan Williams

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